A while ago it was really popular to share the content of your bag on the social media outlets and I always found it really interesting, but I've never brought myself to doing it.
But today I randomly found this blog and decided- now or never. And well it was really fun, have a look!

1. My old kodak camera that I've recently found in my dad's drawer. It's just amazing how light it is compared with my digital camera!
2.One of my new years resolution was to learn the basics of harmonica or ukulele. So I found this one while visiting my parents and just threw it in my bag. The only sound I can make with it is a train signal tho...
3.My wallet that I had to find very quickly before I've left UK. I like those studs on the front!
4.My Lomo Film Camera that my friends gave to me for my birthday. I've been trying to work with it ever since, and it's really great how tiny and light it is. I'll share some of the results with you then the film is developed :)
5.My Fujifilm Instant camera that my love gave me for Christmas and I haven't left home without it ever since. It is quite big though, so I'm considering of getting a mini one for more casual pics. Anyway, I'm in love with this beautiful gadget and definitely recommend it to anyone!
6.My purse. I know it's quite massive, but it's there I hide all of my mess. All the cosmetics, snacks, tickets and etc. goes in there.
7.Kindle. Oh I'm so in love this this gadget! I know paper books have so much charm, but it's so handy to carry the kindle with you anywhere. It's amazingly light and can fit in your pocket if you want. I can't imagine my day without it.
8.Some pictures of my beloved ones I took with the camera above :)
9.My passport. No drinks for me without it as all the bartenders think I'm 17. Well, I take it as a compliment!
10.My favorite fragrances. I've got Burberry ones from my boy on my birthday and they are awesome. I'm planning of getting Burberry London ones soon. Lanvin ones my mamma gave to me on Christmas and I fell in love with them straight away.
11.And finally my shopping bag that my boy brought from a concert. I heard people on the street whispering ''look at that kitty'' and I find it really funny!

Alrighty, I really have to finish my essay now!


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