as promised- some reviews on the movies i've recently watched:

Vanishing Waves (2012)- probably not so appealing to overseas audience but this lithuanian Sci-Fi Thriller made a huge impression on me. firstly, i would like to say thank you to the director and production team as i thought it was a time for me to lose my hopes and admit that lithuanians are not able to create a movie that actually has some action in it, but then I saw this. the majority of our cinematography is just filled with stories about desperate middle-aged ladies with some daddy issues, so Vanishing Waves is something really different. of course, the movie isn't perfect and it particularly reminded me of all those creepy scandinavian dramas, but I honestly enjoyed my time at the cinema, so it's still very much recommended!

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)- i've been planning to watch this for a while but never fond the right moment, so the other evening I told myself ''that's it, it's the time''. and i actually enjoyed it a lot! it was really fun to see Matt Damon being feminine and soft and Jude Law not being desperate or unhappily inlove. The story line is pretty good as well, just when you think that movie is about to end, something goes to the opposite way than it can be expected. 

3.Carnage (2011)- I am a big fan of R.Polanski's movies. And even though Carnage was not as strong as I was expecting it is still a great way to spend 1,5 hours. the ladies play particularly good roles in here and, to be honest, I can actually watch and adore anything with Christoph Waltz in it.

Hitchcock (2012)- a must-see story about a great man. Anthony Hopkins is adorable, Helen Mirren is sharp and Scarlett Johansson is beautiful as always. Do you need anything else for a must-see movie? A good story line u say? well, it's about Hitchcock, right? really 'safe' movie, nothing can go wrong here...

The Sessions (2012)- it is a special story that actually made me to consider myself and my point of view on a lot of things. it's all about relationship between friends, family members, lovers,  acquaintances and it all moves between the characters of this movie. oh and John Hawkes is doing an incredible performance  here, I was seriously impressed.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)- I'm a massive fan of Ezra Miller, so I can't really be fair-minded about this drama, but I found it pretty entertaining. I didn't read a book, so that might be the case, but even though it still analyses quite stereotypical teenage years problems, I didn't find it cheesy at all. oh and the soundtrack was sooo sweet, i'm in love with the Smiths!

let me know if you have ever seen any of these? did you like/hate them? :) or if you care to share, feel free to drop suggestions on any other movies in the comments or my e-mail.

take care now.


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