good morning, all!
let me share something beautiful with you:

1. a piece from e.a.poe's poem ''alone''. poe always had something that somehow moved me. i'm not really a big fan of XIX centuries poets, but he is definitely an exception.

2. i just couldn't imagine myself without bukowski and his ''bleubird''. when i used to live in a squat in south London, we had this poem written on our hall's ceiling and I used to read it every morning as a mantra. great memories. 

3. allen ginsberg ''lines for creeley's ear''. i was introduced by this inspiring poet and one of the leading figures of the beat generation in my freshman year at university while taking Visual American History course. i had this amazing tutor who was really enthusiastic about the subject and particularly in 50's-60's poets-musicians-artists.

4. i just realised that patti smith is the only women in my list. through her music, poetry and visual arts she became a person that most of us should align to. anyone who might be interested to know more should definitely watch a documentary about her and her life called ''Patti Smith: Dream of Life''(2008)

5. and finally- brilliant r.brautigan. as a teenager I read almost every single book of his. his words seemed full of the pieces of beat culture and well that's all I needed at the time. I've discovered his poetry later on and I could even said I found it even better than his novels...

that's for now, folks.
I'm currently working on my essay for politics course and it's just killing me, so I really enjoyed doing this post, hope you will too!

if you need more information or just want to share something- feel free to leave a comment or contact me in private!

talk to you soon,

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