hey there, pumpkins!

yep, I'm still on holidays. i know, i know it's been way too long, but what can I say- the girl needs her sleep. i'm finally off to Brighton next Friday to see my love and pack my bags before I move to Amsterdam. 
my time at home is going great- i've met some friends and relatives, visited lots of local pubs, did some shopping and had lots of time for watching movies! i'll write some reviews on my next post :)

here are some pictures from my iphone, i didn't take my digital camera with me this time and the scanner suddenly decided not to work, so i'll share pictures i did with my film cameras when I'll be back to uk.
for the time being- have a look, hope u'll enjoy this. oh and if you want to see more, just follow me on instagram @kotrynabass

from left to right:
1. i bought this amazing topshop cropped sweater at second-hand shop just for £0.10. how cool is that?
2.that's a view from my balcony. yep, we r still covered in snow.
3/4.my little ones enjoying some winter time in our backyard.
5/6.my lovely hometown at night
7/8.how can we live without some stupid mirror pictures and little hearts in our coffee? :)

so, that's it for now, keep it real!:)

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