I had a great party yesterday with some nice food, good people and looots of drinks. Luckily, I managed to relieve my head and body from pain and I can now try to summarize the year of 2012.

January: I've started my month by visiting my family and had lots of fun as always. For the rest of a month I tried to concentrate on my work and studies, so nothing really to remember here. Sadly.

February: I've joined photography class at uni and was really busy mostly walking around Brighton and taking some pictures. I explored the field as I never did before and it's really amazing to remember this now!

March: Eastern holidays kicked in, so I went to stay with my friends in London for a bit. Lots of wine, food and kisses surrounded us!

April: I went on my first hitchhiking trip in England as we traveled to Oxford. We heard a lot of gossips about people ignoring travelers on the road, but we had the best experience ever! We also visited quite a few local places, so this is really a month to remember!

May: I managed to get really cheap tickets to Croatia, so I took my lovely friend and we had great time there! Nature was amazing and we met some really awesome people! We also went to see Mystery Jets at O2 Brixton a day before our flight!

June-August: I received an offer to join Heathrow Media team for the Olympics period, so I've spent most of my summer working between 2 jobs. We also had some great bbq's and visited our friends in uk, so it wasn't only work and no play :)

September: I traveled to Lithuania to see my friends and family together with my other half and we had amazing 2 weeks full of love, driving and laughs.

October: I was back to school, so the month was pretty stressful. I've celebrated my 21st birthday and started to feel depressed about how fast time flies. Luckily, presents helped to relief the pain!

November: my documentary video project kicked in, so I've been spending most of my time at uni editing, filming and worrying about the final material. It turn out quite well tho! Also, our friends took me and my love to see some nice places in England, we even managed to drive to Cornwall to see some of its nature.

December was amazing! I finished my semester at uni and went straight back home for Christmas! I'm still here and it's impossible to describe something down here as it's all full of every little thing that I enjoy!

Hope you all had a great holidays and that next year will be even better for you than the previous ones! Do not expect too much, just enjoy every minute of it!

With Love,

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