i was inspired by some bloggers doing green smoothie challenges. so, I decided to do one myself. i used to do green smoothies with some organic Maca powder to get some extra energy when I was doing my last weeks of autumn term at uni back in Brighton. sadly, i couldn't find any super-foods for this time, as I'm visiting my parents atm. but feel free to add extras to these recipes as I basically have improvised every day :)

so here are my smoothies:

day 1: i made a smoothie of some frozen raspberries, one apple, one banana, teaspoon of honey and handful of arugula. it wasn't too bad. arugula had this strong, bitter taste tho, so make sure you put enough honey or any other sweetener.
day 2: my little sister felt sick, so i made smoothies for us the first thing in the morning. it contained few slices of pineapple, one apple, bunch of arugula, one banana, 2 teaspoons of honey and some apple juice. this time it worked out just great! and we couldn't feel greens at all!
day 3: i had a busy morning as I had to finish and send my essay for final mid-term assessments. so we went to spa center with my family and I felt more than relaxed after. thus,in order to get some energy I made smoothie out of one banana, some frozen raspberries, some pineapple, honey and spinach. and well, spinach taste so much better than arugula, you can hardly feel it if you put enough honey or any sweet fruit.
day 4: I woke up today and it was snowing outside! so I set a fireplace and made a green smoothie to get some vitamins! it contained- some crushed blackcurrants, a big bunch of spinach, one banana and one small squeezed lemon. it was really tasty, refreshing and had this lovely purple color! 
day 5: i made spinach and apple smoothie for my final day. it contained: a handful of spinach, two apples, one banana, some honey, one squeezed orange and a bit of lemon juice. it's quite hard to cover the smell from spinach, so i had to put more citrus in this one. but it's really tasty! oh, and look at that bright green color!

i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did. i'm having my 5th smoothie while writing this post and i believe i'll make a morning habit out of this. so let your imagination play and experiment with this healthy drinks as you can benefit from them a big time! you can check this website to get more information or ask me!

oh and feel free to join me in this challenge and leave me a comment with any new smoothie combinations you discover, or if you already have your favorite!

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