Body Shop Tea Tree Review

so, i'm not really a girly girl if you haven't noticed yet... that's why I feel totally weird talking about cosmetics, clothes and etc. however, I couldn't not to share this with you as i was impressed how much these products can help.
i've been hearing about the power of tea tree for a while now, so i got particularly interested in body shop's  collection of tea tree rangewhich is a global best seller due to its exceptional ability to combat skin problems and provide a clearer looking skin. so I purchased these 3 products and i was surprised as after 3-4 days of using it my skin became visibly clearer and redness was minimized to the minimum. my skin is usually really sensitive, so the lotion is a bit too strong and I decided to use it every other day instead of daily. besides that- everything is fine and I definitely recommend it to anyone who still has any doubts.

oh the package is lovely as always :)

are there any bodyshop fans? what are your favorites? :)

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