oh my, oh my, the boy is coming down to Amsterdam in two weeks! i'm sooo excited!
time just flies- it's gonna be a month since I moved out and we started living in different countries and my heart still shakes a bit from jealousy when I see all those couples around me cycling hand in hand (yep, they do it here. extreme love, haha!).

this is us enjoying some sunny time:
 this is us being bored:
 this is us going to the movies:
 this is us not being very good looking:
 this is us being extremely romantic:
 this is us wondering in the rain:
this is us in a really smoky room being very drunk:

watching old pictures- best activity ever!

I'm also very excited about my new 'designs' page in my new menu bar, go and have a look if you haven't done it yet. my Fiverr deal is still up and I'm going to add more services soon, so keep looking! oh and if you, or your friends are in need of some blog makeover- drop me a line, we can figure something out together! 
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ok, ok, I'm off to do some work now! I hope you guys are having a great weekend!
any special plans at all? :)

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