Drinking // Chamomile tea! I used to make fun of people who like drinking it, but, well, it's calming and tasty! and better than cigarettes!

Listening to // FUN. they are my week's discovery! how did I manage to miss all these songs and clips on the internet? I feel like a bad geek now!

Planning // to buy tickets for Eastern holidays. Have you missed me already, Brighton?

Watching // Terrance Malick is the director of the week and I'm going to watch his Days of Heaven tonight! 

Missing // spring. picnics and cuddles. prosecco on the beach. and the boy.

Loving // lynda.com's html courses, learning so much these days!

Going // nowhere. it's time to do some work and stay in my pajamas for the evening. and i'm happy about it!

Making me happy // all my customers. I don't know how can I thank enough for these great ideas and opportunities to fill up my portfolio!

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