Lazy Sunday- Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you're eating healthy and staying cozy! I had a busybusy week- made two new blogs and I believe the third one is coming up, finished my HTML courses (that's right I'm even geekier now than I used to be), had some fun time with some really great people and even survived cycling in the snow! Have a look yourselves:
The boy is coming over in 4 days! 4 days! I'm so excited! Hopefully the winter will decide to get out of the city, so we can have some great time drinking wino and cycling around the city! I'm also booking tickets for next month, so we gonna have quite a few dates during this long-distance thingy. hoorey!

I hope your week was quite awesome as well!
oh and I can't wait to share my new designs with you, I believe you'll really like them!

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