My Pinspirations

I don't know if I have ever mentioned this before, but I'm in love with Pinterest! I became such a dreamer just because of this website! I'm actually a bit(very) unorganized person and Pinterest actually helped me a lot to keep my wishes/plans/promises on track! 

These are my favorite pins of the week, have a look:

Something I need: seriously, my designing things would go like at least five times faster with this amazing Bamboo drawing pad.
 Something to wear: I'm in love with this skater dress. Anyone saw something like that in any particular shop?

Something to ride: let me introduce you to my next bike! I love Peugeot bikes! and, I mean, just look at this beauty!
Somewhere to live: so work-room is probably the most important place for me in the house. I'm collecting so many ideas and I just love this chalkboard+ antique table combination in here so much!
Someone to love: so my love for dogs and especially Weimaraners is pretty much obvious if you visit my "Doggies" board. oh and this Kurzhaar puppy is just too cute, he just melted my heart completely! 
Something to see: I'm obsessed with Lena Dunham and her show GIRLS and she is featured on the cover of Rolling Stone this month. I mean, i didn't think it's possible for her to be even more awesome and when I saw this picture... wow!
Something to create: this poster is so amazing! I'm definitely hanging one of these in my bedroom!
Something to taste: This should be a perfect cocktail! I love green tea and I love rum and these two in one glass should taste like heaven. Anyone had a chance to try it yet? Get more ideas from this fabulous blog:

So that's it for now!
 Let's get this week started!

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