Time For a Change

oh my dearests, I'm in desperate need of a change! I know, I know, I've already moved to the new country, started a new activity, new university, met a lot of new people, but I still feel very much the same inside and outside... I'm not saying it's the worst thing, but I need something new for myself. Not sure if new clothes or hair can help, but, well, it's worth to try, huh? 
For this reason I was going through all of my old pictures and I actually was surprised by how many different looks, lifestyles and even friends I've changed during the years. I know I shouldn't look back with regrets, but probably everyone of us sometimes, at least for a minute have a right to think 'what if...'. And it's perfectly normal, I suppose. I'm  very happy about my today's life, but the thingy is that you never know what's coming up next. Well, but I'm very excited to find out!
Have a look at my old vs. new pictures (and try not to laugh at me!). 

Can you guess which one is the latest one? :)

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