Morning, people!

Amsterdam is the craziest city in the world and I love almost every minute here. I started uni already and courses are going to be great.

I'm taking cultural studies class which seems to be quite interesting even tho I don't really see the point of cultural studies at all. It's way too general and even a bit too obvious, so every time I have to write essay out of that- I feel like doing the most pointless job ever. Well, I just might be very narrow-minded about this... Anyway, our tutor is this awesome Canadian lady and she promised us some days out in the museums and even festivals, so I believe she might manage to teach me what all these cultural studies are really about.

My second course is called ''Great Directors- From Film Directors to Film Authors'' in which we are going to analyse why some of the most famous directors are now being called authors and why. We've already started with screening of Lars Von Trier which was followed by some great discussions. Our tutor is actually writing an article about this topic now, so he might even use our ideas for his final product and some of us will get published! I feel that I'm going to really enjoy this course!

Oh, and I also have my third course starting in a couple of months. I actually felt butterflies in my stomach while registering for this one, haha. It's called ''Like, Share, Tweet. Social Media and Web Economies''. I've been extremely interested in all social media websites as outlets for advertising for the last couple of years and I just couldn't be happier that my host university can offer the ability to actually study this.

I don't know why, but I just feel like now it's the time for me to really start doing something. I've got involved in international students' council here in UvA, but I also would like to start working on some new creative projects. Let's start hunting for some ideas! Due to this, I've been looking through old videos and photos lately, so I thought why not to share some of this with you? Have a look at my short movie which was made for Campus Movie Fest last autumn. I was lucky enough to be nominated in Best Picture and Best Actress categories and even had a chance to see my work on a big screen in London's ODEON.

So that's it for now, my friends. I hope your days are going great and I'll talk to you soon.


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