This Saturday is really much about hiding from the winter. I've managed to cycle to the shop in the morning and bought lots of snacks and drinks, so I can now relax in my little, warm room and imagine that there is actually sun shining behind my shutters.


Drinking // Orange juice, lots of orange juice. I've tasted way too much of dutch beer yesterday... 

Listening to // Dresden Dolls- all day long. Really nostalgic.

Planning // to start doing more design work.

Watching // Lars Van Trier. All weekend long. He is our week's topic at uni. 

Missing // my boy. a lot.

Loving // my new cheeky geeky skills. can't say it out load, I feel they are watching me.

Going // to explore some greatest galleries in the city! my awesome flatmates offered me to borrow their museum cards whenever I want, so I'm definitely going to check out some places this week!

Making me happy // my heater! <3

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