Amsterdam Film Institute EYE: The Day At The Museum

So on very very snowy Friday (yeah, it's still deep winter down here and I thought I'm coming here to spend my SPRING term, ha) we went to Amsterdam Film Institute to see some exhibitions. The building itself is in this separated part of the city, so we had to take a fairy which was quite fun. Or maybe it's just me- I always get excited with anything related to water. I managed to get some sneaky shots even though I wasn't really sure if it's allowed. So if I get arrested- it's just for you all, haha!

oh boy, this city is beautiful and I love it to bits, but this freakin whether makes me mad. I spend two of my last winters in UK and it usually doesn't get too cold over there until Mid January or so, but this year I decided to spend holidays with my family back in Lithuania, so basically 4th month of winter for me now and I think I'm just gonna pack my bag and move to Australia if it doesn't get any warmer here in the next few 

Anyway, it's just about the time to stop complaining as I'm going out tonight to some Irish pubs for Saint Patrick's day, I hope I have something green in my closet! What are your plans? :)

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