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When I started this blog I wanted it to stay closely related to my biggest passions- visual arts. However, I'm currently really stuck on learning and working with my little designing projects, so I kind of left all of my other hobbies behind. Movies will always have a special place in my heart and I discovered that all of my favorite movies usually come to me through recommendations from my friends, family or tutors. This is why I decided to start these weekly series where I'll be interviewing my favorite bloggers about themselves and their relationship with movies. I really hope you guys will enjoy this as much as I do!

So my first guest is the greatest lady in this blogosphere world. I admire her to bits and she is one of my greatest inspirations:

Hi my name is Alex, Typical 90's Child... is my little space where I blog about my personal style, 
I share the vintage inspired clothing that I make and rant about many things! 
Hope to see you there xo

Why and when did you start your blogging?

I started blogging in March of 2012, exactly 1 year ago! When I first started, the idea was to get my name out there as I try to build my own small business, stuff happened and the business has been on the back burner for way too long. But the blog has stayed because I found this amazing community of wonderful bloggers of whom I call several good friends now. I have really come to love blogging and even though every once in a while I might feel like I need a couple of days away from it, I know that I could never let it go completely anymore.

Natural Born Killers

How could you describe your 'relationships' with movies?

I feel like movies play a huge roll in my life! I remember how when I was a teen I would let certain movies influence me so much to the point of so badly wanting to live like and feel exactly what a certain character was feeling, which I believe is normal for teens but somewhat to an unhealthy degree of passion. Where as now that I'm a bit older I'm able to separate myself from the characters and see them in a different light...which can leave you kind of jaded, sometimes I wish I could still watch a movie like I did back then.

True Romance

What's your favorite movie and why?

There really are way way way too many for me to choose from, since I have my favorites in every genre, there's no way of comparing a movie like Step Brothers to True Romance, Hackers, Pulp Fiction, Reality Bites or Swing Kids, etc...those are just a few movies I love, but could never choose a favorite!

Good Will Hunting

Who's your favorite actor and why?

When it comes to comedy, absolutely hands down Will Ferrell, just because he's so freaking hilarious :)
For more serious actors, I'd have to say that Matt Damon is one of my favorites, he's an amazingly versatile actor who always picks the best roles.

Reality Bites

Who's your favorite actress and why?

This is going to sound awful...but honestly not a single one comes to mind : /  I just feel like no one has really wowed me yet, I'm still waiting. However...there are many female characters I love! Vickie Miner (Janeane Garofalo's character in Reality Bites) being one of them.

Who's your favorite director and why?

I'm going to be totally honest here, I never ever pay attention to who the director is, so I wouldn't be able to give an actual answer to this one.


What's your favorite movie genre and why?

My favorite genre is definitely Biographies, I love a good one about any musical artist/band!
Whether it's a straight up biography or a Hollywood version of it, I'm always down! 
That being said, what I probably watch most of are comedies and horror :)

Step Brothers

Best movie to watch with your husband:

Step Brothers!!! We both know all the words so we always have a blast when we watch it :)
You can also hear us making Baby Mama or Elf references quite often though!

If someone would make a movie about your life what
kind of movie it might be?

Ha, sadly it would start off as a train wreck but thankfully have a happy ending :)
To keep you going through all of the drama though there would be plenty of musical numbers! 

Thanks for participating in this, Alex! It was a huge honor to have you here!

And guys, if any of you have a great passion for movies- let me know and leave me a link of your blog, I would love to visit your lovely places and perhaps interview you!

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