Have you tried GlassesUSA yet?

Hey guys, I have some geeky talks for you over here! So as you probably have already noticed I'm a proud glasses lover! I've got my first pair when I was 14 and changed at least a dozen of them since then. I used to wear contact lenses for a few years, but at the moment I'm just sticking to my round geeky glasses and I'm loving it!
Not sure if I'm a regular eyeglasses purchaser, but I don't really believe in spending a lot of money on it. For those who know me, it comes with no surprise how messy sometimes I can be, so I just end up leaving my glasses in random places all the time. Or, what happens even more often- I just get bored of my old ones and keep trying to find any excuse to get a new pair. This is why, I believe it's a lot times better to get a pair of cheap glasses and change it from time to time than just invest a lot of money into one pair. This is how I discovered online shopping for eyeglasses frames.
I know, I know, you might be afraid to do it online as if what they do not fit? But you shouldn't worry really. If it's not your first pair you should already know what kind of frames would fit you the most and which ones you should avoid. Also online shops such as GlassesUSA.com offer this awesome Virtual Mirror feature, so you can try the glasses you loved with a help of your webcam! how cool is that?
Give it a go, I promise you won't be disappointed! 
Also, the most exciting news are that GlassesUSA are offering 15% off for "Girl With A Movie Camera" readers. To get that + free shipping for your order (over $50) use the code: FS15
To take 10% of ANY order of prescription glasses use the code: Blog 10
These are some of my favorite frames from their shop:
Ooooh, I just can't wait to get a new pair myself now! Anyone wants to give me an early Eastern present?
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I was asked by a GlassesUSA representative to review their website, however all opinions are my own.

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