My memories and places I'd like to visit

Since I applied for the Big Blog Exchange competition (you can still VOTE for me if you press >>>THIS<<< link, I would really-really appreciate it) I started thinking about travelling again and how much fun it can be! I haven't done too much travelling in my life yet. It's not like I didn't want to, being an independent full-time student makes you to consider every step you take and every penny you spend, so it can be quite tough...
These thoughts made me to remember all the places I have ever visited and I felt bad that I didn't have my blog running back then, but then I came up with the idea of making "memories posts" from time to time that would be about the staff that happened to me in the past. So today I'm going to share some pictures and little details from my trips to Armenia in 2008 and Portugal&Spain in 2010.

I went to Armenia in 2008 with a youth project an oh boy, I had the most amazing time ever in my entire life! We spent 3 weeks traveling around Yerevan and Cahadzor, meeting a lot of wonderful people from all other the world and learning their culture, drinking a lot of oh-so-tasty and oh-so-cheap wine or their famous Ararat brandy (and I even don't like brandy at all!) and eating lovely armenian food. I brought so many crazy stories back home that it wouldn't be enough to write a book. I'm definitely going back there one day!

I've spent my whole summer of 2009 working in London, so It was more than obvious that summer of 2010 will be designated for travelling. So me and the boy quit our jobs, packed our bags and went to Porto. We spent amazing 3 weeks travelling all around and staying at couch-surfers places and I can say that's probably the best way to travel ever. Not only you meet a lot of awesome people, but they also don't let you feel as a stupid lost tourist all the time. This is how we managed to find the best places known just for locals! you should definitely give it a go!
After falling in love with North Portugal we took a train to Galicia, northwest Spain which might be the most beautiful place I have ever visited! Especially the small island we spent a few days camping at called Islas De Cies which really reminded me of the movie the Beach and that should paint the picture of how awesome it is!

I will try to write about my other journeys later on, but for now let's keep our fingers crossed and hope I'll win a BBE competition!

Also, I really wanted to share my "places to go" list with you. I think sharing stuff helps me to work harder in order to make stuff right and be able to complete it.Do you guys make list as well or am i the only weirdo here?
I'm not saying I don't want to see other countries, this is just my priority list and I hope to fulfill it in...let's say 5 years?

So here we go:

What places would be on your list? :)

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