My weekly pinspirations

Someone to love: cuuuuuute x 1000000
 Somewhere to live:
I love love love this chaird from a beautiful mess ! I think I might use this in my terrace instead of the living room, but it probably just looks great everywhere!
 Something to wear:
I'm in a desperate need of anything mint color (who isn't?). Anyone know where can I find a skirt like this?
Something to ride: 
I mean, you see? Even my bicycle has to be mint since now on...
 Something I need:
I'm considering of purchasing this little instant camera by Fujifilm. I've already got the wide one for Christmas and it's so fun, I love every single picture! However, it's is quite massive, so this might be a perfect solution.
 Something to taste:
this loooks delicious! the boy has been allergic to cows milk for as long as I can remember, so this lead me to almost stop drinking it as well while we were living together and I don't miss it at all! However, I just can resist some of the great recipes that contain cows milk products in it, but this looks like a great option!
 Something to create:
I'm currently obsessed with watercolor brushes, so be ready for some romantic/girly blog designs soon! 

So this is it for now, folks!
I hope your Monday wasn't too harsh on you!

Lots of love,

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