Oh this is so Pinspirational! 12/03/13

Something to watch:
To the Wonder by T.Malick
Somewhere to go:
Blue lagoons, Iceland

Something to taste:
I just absolutely love whiskey cocktails and this one should be one of my favorites!
 Something I need:
Sadly, my DSLR became a really old lady recently and I'm in desperate need for changing it. And this fujifilm camera is so...sexy? or is it just me being supah geeky?
Someone to love:
Look at this cutest Vizla puppy:

Somewhere to live:
I have everything I need to be happy...except this wonderful lake house.
 Something to wear:
These Vogabonds omffgfjgdfhjhjg! I'm in love!
Something to ride:
I NEED a bike (or a body?) like this.

Something to admire:
How cute is this poster? Would love to hang on of these in my kitchen!

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