Travelling to Pula, Croatia with Ryanair

I'm really excited about everyone's interest to my travelling series, so I thought I'll try to fill it up a little.
Me and my best g-friend have been planning to go on a girl trip for quite a while, so when I called her one evening with an offer to book a plane tickets to Croatia for only £40 return- she just couldn't say no! 
In a week or two we packed our bags and took some time off from work and head over to the country I have always admired. 

City: We arrived to Pula, very tiny and touristic city, but we knew where we were going, so empty streets didn't come as a surprise for us. It wasn't a season as we went in May, but we wanted some girly gossip time, so as long as we had wine and each other- it was allright!
Hostel: we booked a hotel from and it was amazing! We actually got a studio flat with private facilities and a large balcony for £8 per night! How cheap is that?
Drinks: wine, wine, wine, occasional beer, we even tasted some strange herbal stuff which is very traditional in Croatia. I wasn't too impressed tho!
Food: it's so CHEAP! I mean, not like it's poorly made- eating out was probably cheaper than buying stuff in the shops. I'm not sure if it was only because we were probably the only tourists in the city or if it's always like that, but I was really surprised!
Transportation: We only took a taxi to and from the airport, but you can easily walk around the city even if you are not staying really central, everything is so close!
People: oh Croatians are lovely, it wasn't a problem to communicate with them even tho some older people can't speak English, but they still try very hard to help you out! oh and we met these wonderful londoners over there, so we kept each other company for a few evenings! it was so much fun! 
Whether: It was alright for the most of the time- not too hot for swimming or tanning, but just perfect for drinking wine on the beach!
Nature: it's amazing, probably the most beautiful I have ever seen, all those rocks and forests create a perfect view from the postcard!
To sum-up: if you ever want to change a location for a bit, but you also are on a budget- Pula is a great place for that. Of course we could have done more travelling around and we will definitely do it next time we are there, but it was really great just to be able to relax and don't worry about anything! 

Have a look at some lovely pictures we made:

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