Weekly round-up and cycling in Amsterdam

I've been wandering around the city quite a lot this week as I finally got my bike fixed and I actually were missing it a lot. I think I'm gonna get one of those road bikes when I'm back in Brighton. It's a strange thing how this city encourages you to avoid public transport. First of all, it's bloody expensive and well, everyone cycles, so why shouldn't I? Even though I live 5-6 miles from the center, I cycle most of the time to and from there and it kinda makes me feel better for not working out anymore.

We had St Patrick's celebration on Sunday and it was so much fun (as you can see from that blurry picture, haha). We went to like 5 different pubs and drunk way too much of Guinness, so I can't be really specific about the details, but well, people really now how to party here!

School time is back again though, but we are having a reading week until Eastern, so no classes! Hope I'm not gonna end up just watching TV shows all the time instead of  actually doing some reading, haha! But well, I feel like I need this little break, so I'm heading back to Brighton for a bit and I'm just so excited about that! I missed ma boy, friends and the city itself so much, let's just hope that the whether gonna get better by then! What are your plans for Eastern? Are you going to see your beloved ones? 

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