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Oh time flies! It's already Thursday and you probably are thinking about weekend activities. If you had a tough week- grab a glass of wino, cuddle with someone you love and watch a movie. Believe me, that's the best way to relax! 
So today I'm really excited to have Autumn from GypsyBee here on my blog. I love her taste and her blog so much and she is one of those ladies I really look up to! 

1.Quickly introduce yourself and your blog (in 1-2 sentences)

Hello dolls, my name is Autumn and I am a vintage junkie and shop owner living in the Midwest. You can find me chasing kids, creating handmade goods, and swooning over mid century treasures over at

2.Why and when did you start your blogging?

I started blogging about two years ago, first as a fashion blogger and then I decided to take a whack at lifestyle blogging? I started to promote my two self run businesses and share little moments of family bliss with my loved ones.

3.How could you describe your 'relationships' with movies?
 I am a movie fanatic. I am one of those annoying people who uses a movie quote for basically every conversation and says the lines to the movie while it's playing. I grew up on silent films, black and white, and the classic old Hollywood gems. As I grew older I attached myself to pop culture classics like The Breakfast Club, Rocky Horror, Spice World, and Clueless. I have a love for movies that are on the odd side, art films, independents, awkward comedies, and cult classics.

4.What's your favorite movie and why?
 I'm going to say The Princess Bride. I'm always a fan of good comedy and a love story. My husband has bought every edition for me over the years and it's always my go to when I don't know what to watch.

5.What's your favorite actor and why? 
This is HARD! I have to go with Elvis Presley. Major hunk! Blue Hawaii and Love Me Tender are my favorites. I don't think he is the most profound actor or anything but his movies are so nostalgic for me and bring me back to my childhood.


6.What's your favorite actress and why? 
Ginger Rodgers. Hands down. I grew up on old films and fell in love with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers dancing together. She is the epitome of grace and elegance. Today's actresses have nothing on the ladies of old Hollywood film.

7.What's your favorite director and why?
 Hitchcock. I learned a lot about Hitchcock through films studies classes and I was amazed by his vision and artistry. North By Northwest and Rear Window are my two favorites, they really stuck with me.

8.What's your favorite movie genre and why? 
Some hate musicals but I'm a musical theater junkie and such a fan of classics like The Sound of Music, Gigi, The King and I, and Top Hat. I love the vibrancy and emotion that music brings to film, something that is definitely lost today.

9.Best movie to watch with:

        *your other half: The Notebook, it gets us every time!
        *best-friend: Bridesmaids, my best friend does the most amazing Kristen Wiig impression. It's hysterical.
        *family: Gentleman Broncos. My brothers and I enjoy quoting this movie every time we get together. So many good quotes!

10.If someone would make a movie about your life what
kind of movie it might be?

The movie of my life would be full of dry comedy, awkward moments, and one giant sweep you off your feet romance.

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