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This week I've interviewed one of the best ladies in this blogo-sphere thingy. Summer is an amazing girl from Canada and she is a big inspiration to me. We both started our blogs in November and she already reached 500 GFC followers! To celebrate this she now is having a give-away and I'm so glad to be taking part in this. You can enroll here.
After doing this interview I realized how much we have in common and that made me to like her even more!

1.Quickly introduce yourself and your blog (in 1-2 sentences)
Hi everyone! My name is Summer from Oh Summer Candy. I'm a frugal finding fanatic with a love for anything vintage. You can find me exploring the mountains, listening to music or eating hamburgers. 

2.Why and when did you start your blogging?
I stated leisurely blogging on Tumblr four years ago but started seriously blogging on the Blogger platform in November of last year. I started blogging because I was reading blogs daily and I thought the blogosphere targeted women with money and not exactly women who are on a budget. I buy almost everything on sale and I wanted to show other women that you can too look fabulous on a budget! I also love talking about music which is also a big feature on my blog!

3.How could you describe your 'relationships' with movies?
The first movie I saw in the theaters was You've Got Mail. Movies and I have a pretty romantic relationship because I always seem to stride to the cheesy rom-coms even since I was a five year old girl. 

4.What's your favorite movie and why?
I am not ashamed to say that my favourite movie is Legally Blonde. Whenever I'm asked this question I usually go with Breakfast Club because that movie is in my top five but I have seen Legally Blonde easily over 180 times (not exaggerating). I think the reason I like Legally Blonde so much is because the movie is so nostalgic to me. The first time I watched Legally Blonde was when I was 7 and I would watch it every night before I went to bed. All my favourite movies have some sort of nostalgic feel when I watch them. 

5.What's your favorite actor and why?
CHRISTOPHER WALTZ. That man has to be the most talented actor ever. I'm a huge Quentin Tarantino - the first movie I saw Christopher Waltz in was Inglorious Bastards and ever since then he has been my favourite actor. He was amazing in Django, Water For Elephants, Carnage ... I can go on. That man has some serious talent. Denzel Washington would be a close second.

6.What's your favorite actress and why?
Jennifer Lawrence. HUGE girl crush on her first off.Even though she is a very talented actress - I loved Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook is my favourite movie of this year but I think her personality is what makes her my favourite actress. In interviews she is so herself, and then you see her transform into these characters in movies and she always nails it. I want to be her best friend so bad!

7.What's your favorite director and why?
Quentin Tarantino. As much as I love my rom-coms I also love my Quentin Tarantino films. He mixes action, comedy and history in all his movies and his artistic expression in his movies are spectacular.

8.What's your favorite movie genre and why?
Rom-coms. I like to cry, I like to laugh and I love love. 

9.Best movie to watch with:
        *your other half: John Q (Paul and I's favourite movie - we actually admittedly fell in love with each other while we watched that movie)
        *best friend: Step-Brothers ("Did we just become best friends?" "YUP") 
        *family: Dumb and Dumber (classic comedy)

10.If someone would make a movie about your life what
kind of movie it might be?
Rom-com. My life has been full of complicated and failed relationships - the situations I have gotten into are quite funny. And then I found the love of my life while living in the mountains (HOW CHEESY I KNOW)

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