Currently I am...

Drinking // Coffee, coffee, coffee! Have some clients waiting, some readings to do, some movies to watch, some places to be and no time at all!

Listening to // The Lumineers, they keep me productive!

Planning // an awesome evening. Going to the bunker in Vondelpark with some great people, so it just can't go wrong!

Watching // Nuri Bilge Ceylan. 

Missing // that boy of mine. and my family. but we are planning holidays in Lithuania next month, so I can't be too sad about this!

Loving // my plans! have so many great ideas in my head and some awesome people that are always ready to make those happen!

Going // to enjoy Amsterdam as much as I can. It's only 2 months left for me over here and it still feels like I just moved in.

Making me happy // whether. I heard some rumors about +20 degrees in here tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Also, this post! My friend Vaida from "Don't tell anyone" knows how to make me smile!

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