easter holidays round-up

I know, I know, I wasn't the best owner to this blog for the past week, but I really felt like I needed a break. I'm enjoying myself working on this little place and having quite a few of oh-so-lovely readers and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate every one of you and your support really means a world to me!
So, as I've already mentioned I went back to Brighton to see the boy, some of my friends and, of course- celebrate Easter. I'm not really the biggest fan of this holiday, but eating all day and drinking wino in the afternoon is something that really can't be resisted!
On Saturday, I've cleaned the house while the boy and our lovely flatmate were off shopping for groceries and we spent the rest of our day cooking and painting eggs, we also watched "Cloud Atlas" in the evening, but I actually fell asleep 10min after the beginning of it (not necessarily because it was boring, it's just kind of like my hobby), so I can't really give you any comments on that, haha. 
Sunday was a day for foooood. We basically woke up around 10ish and kept eating and watching TV until 9pm. And no, we are not ashamed and yes- we really enjoyed our Easter! We also went to the blues concert/dance party at "The Green Doors Store" in the evening and it was perfect finish for our day!
Holiday joys:
*Taking care of the boy while he was sick- he literally acts like 5 year old then, but I find it pretty cute.
*being taken care of
*finally getting my Bamboo graphic tablet
*Chinese Takeaway+Harry Potter+ Cuddles
*Our local bakery
*Watching favorite TV-shows together
*Dancing in the middle of the street
*Having girly talks on the beach
*Seeing the ones I love
Holiday sadness:
*Being sick- boy fell ill for the first days of my stay there and I did for the rest of the days, so there were a lot of staying in, tired eyes, hot teas and soups. Not really romantic, huh?
Anyway, despite that it didn't went the way I wanted (and I like to have almost everything the way I want, haha), I still had really great time and even though I love Amsterdam to bits, my heart still stays there, with him in that beautiful city....
Ok, enough about me!
 Let me know what you've been up to? How did your holidays go?

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