Life Lately 29/04/13

Hey there, folks! Like if amazing down here! The spring finally kicked in properly and we are having the best time picnicking, drinking whiskey, cycling, dancing and admiring each other. I can't believe this is coming to an end though. It only feels like life have finally started here and I'm feeling very comfortable and in my place, but the semester is finishing next month and we will be heading back home...

I already know it's been amazing experience and I hope to come up with a big summary post about this. But if you guys are now applying or thinking to apply for a year or semester abroad- do that, believe me, you won't have any doubts!

Good news that I already know then I'm gonna see the boy next time and we are planning some fancy-shmancy  holidays together which is sooo exciting!

We are having Queens Night/Day celebration here in Amsterdam starting today, so expect me to be offline and lost somewhere in the city center!

Doei, doei!

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