Plans for summer 2013

While it's still bloody cold outside and I have to stay in for the weekend drinking tea and doing uni stuff, the only thing that keeps me positive is my little list of things I have to do on this coming summer. I'm not the biggest fan of heat and lying on the beach all day (although some tan is always appreciated), but summer have always been very special for me. I wouldn't actually be really mad if one day someone decides to change New Year celebration to August 31st, as I believe summer is the season when I can actually relax and figure out the things I wanna do next.

So the summer of 2013 might (must) look like this:
*June. I'm going to: visit my family and spend some quality time together with them in that beautiful city of mine, maybe travel a bit around Lithuania, depends on how much time I'll have.
*June-July.  I have to: get my lazy ass back to Brighton and find a job finally! I also challenged the boy to finally go swimming in that cold sea this year! So we can't fail this time!
*August. I plan to: visit Iceland! We have been planning this for quite a while now and fingers-crossed our  plans will work out this time. If not- any other journey will definitely be happening this month!
*All summer. I promise to: take more pictures, eat healthier, spend majority of the time outside, forget my phone at home and have a lot of nice picnics on the beach, learn to manage my time and have free evenings instead of working all the time, never sleep till noon, love more, fight less!

Did you start thinking about your summer yet?
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