What's up in the designing world?

Happy Sunday, y'all! We're having really lovely and sunny weekend over here in Amsterdam, so spending all my time in from of computer probably isn't such a great idea, but I'm just too excited with all my freelancing work, so I just wanted to share some of my latest works with you very quickly.

This is one of my latest pre-mades and if you're up for something funky, yet pretty clean, you can purchase it on my ETSY shop >>>HERE<<<. I update my shop on a regular bases, so feel free to follow me on ETSY!

I was also really lucky that Rachael from www.everythinghauler.com found my blog and decided to use my services. She wanted something simple and stylish as she is running very informative fashion blog and this is what we came up with:

I hope you guys are having great time this weekend and whether is treating you right and don't forget if you feel like it's time for changes or you just want to take your blog to the new level, feel free to visit my design page and I promise you to come up with something very special for you!

Also, the give-away is still on, so don't miss your chance to PIMP YOUR BLOG for FREE! Enter >>>HERE<<<

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