Games Of Thrones Exhibition in Amsterdam & more...

We got some sun back here, people! Seriously, it's been raining non-stop in like a week, so yesterday morning when I realized that summer is actually here, I jumped on my bike straight away and cycled to the city to meet buddy of mine that just got back from his interrailing in France. We got lucky enough to visit the last day of Games of Thrones exhibition. It's not like we are big fans or something- I didn't actually got the time to see all the episodes and keep postponing this for summer so it won't interrupt with my studies. However, I just knew that I will regret missing this exhibition later on. It wasn't really a big thing though, some screen shots, costumes and things from the set mostly. The 'top' thingy was an actual throne, but we couldn't bother to stay in another queue  for half an hour just to take a picture. However, it was actually really fun to see all of this myself and to make some of my friends really jealous when posting the pics on facebook, haha. I believe the exhibition is travelling around Europe and USA, so make sure to pop-in if it's in your town!

Afterwards we went to Moaz Falafels for lunch and it is probably my favorite fast-food place in Amsterdam. I'm a big fan of falafels and I always try some in every town I go and I just love the fact that at Moaz you can choose all the toppings yourself and they have at least 8 different sauces to go with it. They also sell fresh squeezed juices over there which is more than amazing!

Okkk, I gotta get back to work now- this week is going to be super busy party-packing-sayinggoodbye wise, so I promised myself to finish all my designing orders and essays today! Wish me good luck!

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