Summer is almost here, folks!

oh folks, I'm so excited for this coming summer! for those who have never been in Brighton I can just say that it's one of these top places to be during summer season. I just can't stop smiling when I think about all these beach parties, music events and cycling/longboarding by the seaside. I already got an invite for the job interview, so everything seems to be going according to my plans. and before that I also get to see my family back in my home town and that's pretty brilliant, let's just hope the whether will stay good and I can finally get some tan and swim in every lake I come across.

however, in the meantime I have more than 10,000 words to hand-in in a couple of weeks and my days are pretty much about sitting in front of my laptop and figuring out what I was supposed to learn during this semester. luckily today I took a break for a couple of hours and did some shopping, got some fast food and enjoyed a little bit of sun, have a look at my instagrams to get the vibe :)

and how are you all doing? already living in a holiday mood? :)

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