The beauty of everyday

Oh these past few days have been quite crazy. Last month at university, last month in Amsterdam- it's all so stressful, but at the same time- very exiting. 

So obviously my days were full of studying, coffee, (almost) healthy eating and occasional going outs (I'm in love with my new moccasins!). Our balcony was a real life-saver these days. All these assignments are already slowly killing me, but working outside really helps a big time, so bring your laptops outside, people, and get some fresh air!

I just can't wait for summer! The boy booked us tickets to Lithuania in a month and I'm just so exited to see my family and him again! Of course, it is going to be so hard to leave this amazing city and all these wonderful people I have met here, but well... life must go on, right?

Also, I was kindly surprised with some gifts from they send a few of their hairbands (1st picture) for me to try on and...oh, boy, they are comfy! I used them while doing by daily exercises, but they also are so stylish that it would be shame to hide them indoors. Check out their website for more info!

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