Travelling camera: About the Boy

On this rainy Saturday morning I've been feeling a bit nostalgic and this is how I came up with the new idea for my posts! 

Let me tell you the thing that I am most ashamed of- I just literally stopped taking pictures! I used to be so into photography back in the days and I remember the feeling when my mom bought me my first camera, I was happy up to the skies. However, my camera is now somewhere deep in a drawer back in Brighton and I just randomly take some lazy instagrams from time to time. I mean I never planned on being a photographer one day or something, but I'm just so happy about the shots I took in the past and I know that some of them will definitely be hanging on the wall in my beautiful white living room (dream on!).
In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to remember and share with you some of my favorite pictures taken back in the days. This can also be a small attempt to share some of the moments from my past with you all, so I hope you'll enjoy this.

So the picture for today is the one I took back in 2010 when we just moved in to our house in North London. The boy was actually grumbling about how I don't take pictures anymore, so I just grabbed my camera and made some casual shots of him and this what I came up with: 

About the Boy 2010

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