Weekend in Amsterdam: End of May edition

My last week in Amsterdam is going great and pretty busy. I'm still trying to figure out all the school stuff, but at the same moment- I'm trying to experience Amsterdam for the last time.

So on Friday a bunch of international students rented a boat and I had an honor to join them all. The whether was pretty freaking weird and kept changing every 15mins, so during the 2 hours on the water we had everything from rain to burning sun, we also visited a local pub in the evening which was apparently unpleasant or maybe it was just us being tired after the cocktail party we had on the night before.

Saturday was a day for vintage market. We tried to wake up quite early, but only managed to leave a house in the afternoon. However, we still cycled all the way down to Amsterdam Noord to visit this vintage kilo sale where all the clothes are being sold like groceries and you only pay for their weigh, haha! Fun idea, but the stock was pretty sold out by the time that we have arrived. I still managed to get myself a few things, but can't say I'm really in-love with any of them. I'm still keeping those for my Amsterdam memories :) We also went to an amazing fast food place in central Amsterdam called ''Burger Bar'' which serves the best burger ever. I'm not the biggest fan of the junk food or meat, but great burger is something that always wins my heart! In this place you have a wide variety of toppings and I got to try their Irish Beef burger with bacon, mushrooms, caramelized onions and cheddar  Oh and don't even get me started on those golden dutch fries they are serving at this place- they are just over the top! So good! I'm definitely getting back there before I leave and you guys should pop-in too if you're ever in the city! We finished our evening by having some beers and watching Champion League Final. Congrats to Bayern!

I've spent my Sunday studying, so nothing too much to report here. Me and the boy skyped for a couple of hours trying to solve out our holidays back home and checking out all these lovely hotels by the seaside! I just can't wait for this! Fingers crossed the whether is going to be great and we will be able to enjoy a couple of weeks of sun and laziness! I also treated myself by getting an amazing roasted veggies pizza from our local shop. It was just what I needed! however, my eating habits are getting worse and worse, haha, but that's what student life is supposed to be about, right?

so enough about me here, how was your weekend, fellas? Any nice new places you've seen? Any funny stories to share? Link me up with your posts! :)

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