Leaving Amsterdam: Femme&Oddities event

hey there, y'all.
I know I haven't been around these days, but ya know- it's summertime. I moved out from my Amsterdam apartment and took all of my stuff back to our old place in Brighton. I am currently in Lithuania, visiting my family and having some really nice time! I already got burned from the sun and got that lovely red clown nose, but apart from that- everything is perfect and I don't even want to think about leaving again.
So all of the new pictures will be shared here as soon as they are up on my laptop. The boy has the camera which is way too smart for me, so I struggled to upload anything on here today.
In the meantime I would love to share some of the moments of my life before I've left Amsterdam. Friends of mine gathered together to bring this full-of-love event a couple of weeks ago. We listened to some music, some peeps were keen on sharing their stories with all of us and we finally got a chance to see photographs and art made by our friends. all the time I kept thinking of how much I'm going to miss these lads and how talented and amazing they all are. I'm proud of every single one of them! Have a look at some pics:

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