Le'ts talk make-up: L'oreal CC Cream, Garnier Ambre Solaire, Maybelline Eraser&more

Hey there, y'all!
Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was really fun. Actually, a bit too much fun. I need some rest now, haha...

But yesterday, while cleaning up my room I was going through my beauty products and realized that I usually use just a few of them and it really depends on the season. I had to through away so many old bottles and boxes of make-up and rethink the products I used to use and use now. I realized that the older I get the less products I want to use. It's supposed to be the opposite, right? haha.
anyway, so in order to share this with you and maybe record my favorite products for the future, I decided to talk about what I carry with me daily during the summer.

1. RIMMEL stay matte powder. I heard so many great comments about this through other bloggers and just had to try it out. I was expecting a good result, but it was still weird how this cheap powder can really do the job. It covers really well and is not heavy at all. Perfect for summer days!

2.MAXFACTOR False Lash Effect Mascara. I got this from my Mum and been using it for ages. To be honest, I don't really put too much attention on mascara, my eyelashes are pretty long and full anyway, so as long as it makes them black, I'm ok.

3.ESTEE LAUDER Expert Color Palette. I love this, the eye-shadows in it are just in perfect color for my eyes, I don't really use lipstick colors and blush provided in the palette, so the size of it is not really handy, but the eye-shadows are probably the best I've ever used.

4.ETOS blush. I bought this while in Amsterdam at the local superdrug shop, but haven't really been using it  a lot. I believe I have to work on applying blush a bit, as now sometimes it just makes me look stupid.

5.MAYBELLINE Eraser. This concealer is magical! It makes my face look so fresh and awake. Loved it from the first minute!

6.GARNIER Ambre Solaire, Natural Bronzer. This spray is my summer discovery! I usually stay pale white through the whole summer or get burned and get red. Self tanning creams don't really help to get some nice tan as well as they always leave marks no matter how carefully I try to apply them. But this spray is just amazing! It gives you a natural looking brown tan in just 3 hours and smells like heaven!

7.L'OREAL Nude Magique CC Cream, Anti-redness. Have you ever tried to put GREEN foundation on your face? Sounds weird, right? However, this CC cream is in a bright green color, but when applied to the face, it transforms into foundation and hides your spots and redness. and, oh boy, I absolutely this products! My skin is pretty problematic and let's be honest, no-one feels comfortable wearing heavy make-up when it's +25 degrees outside, right? so this was the perfect solution for me.

8.PRIMARK Hand Gel. It's a must for me to have hand gel in my purse during the summer to give me some freshness and save me from germs.

9-10. L'OREAL & ETOS lipsticks. These are my absolute favorites this season. Pink one is for daily use and darker one is for the evenings.

11.ECOTOOLS brushes. I bought these only a couple of weeks ago, but already can't imagine my make-up routine without these little helpers.

And that's it... hope you enjoyed this and don't forget to share some tips or your new seasonal discoveries with me!


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