My Instagram Summer

hey there all!

How is everything going? My days are the best, I am still in Lithuania enjoying my summer and trying to spend as less time working as possible. However, my ETSY shop really kicked in and soon I'm going to sell my 50th template there! How awesome is that? I would like to use this opportunity and thank to everyone of you who trusted me enough to let me design their blogs. I can't even describe how much I've learned during these few months and I hope to continue improving in the future. If anyone want's to have a look to what I'm talking about, please visit my shop >>>HERE<<<

anyway, enough about work. let's talk holidays! it's +25 degrees over here today and my nose is still super red from sun, but I couldn't be happier. sad news is that the boy had to leave today as his company couldn't give him any more time off work, but we are planning to be back for good pretty soon, so it's not so hart-breaking. I'm leaving Lithuania on Thursday and have pretty mixed feeling about this. I want to start working properly again and finally finish my degree, but something really makes me want to stay here. not sure if it's all of these road trips we took, summer cocktails, tanning or my mom being the best host ever, but if it would be up to me, I would cancel my ticket right this minute. 

I took hundreds of pictures with dsrl these past two weeks, but instagram's are really helpful in showing the real story, right? so have a look at mine:

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