The New Club Brighton: Review

Me ant the boy have a little tradition here in the house. We usually force ourselves to leave bed early on Saturday or Sunday mornings to visit some places in our area for coffee and some breakfast. We live just on the border between Brighton and Hove and believe me or not, but 10min radio from our house there are not as many great places as you can expect. Thus there were no doubts about checking out the new place that opened a couple of months ago. ''The New Club'' is a coffee, bar and dinner place with a great sea view and very welcoming staff, so anytime you guys are walking down the Kings Road, make sure to stop by!
 Interior is something that really catches my eye in any place. I loved that the place is large and airy with a great art decor vibe including huge windows that give a great view of the sea.
 Coffee was pretty good. However, I am a big fan of cappuccinos with a big thick foam and the one I ordered haven't really fulfilled my expectations, but it wasn't the worst either. The boy had soya-cappuccino and double espresso and didn't complain at all! Believe me, this means a lot.
 The food was something that we really enjoyed. We both ordered pancakes and filled our bellies completely! Unfortunately, they couldn't offer any vegan breakfast options, but we hope this is something they might work on in the future! Also, I heard so many great things about their burgers and just can't wait to be back to try them out!
Also, no-one makes fun of you if you take selfies there and, let's be honest, that's what we all wanna do from time to time, haha.

Our breakfast took us about 2 hours and if not all the work we have at home we probably would have stayed till the lunch time! Loved it!

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