Day at the Brighton Beach: Asos+H&M outfit

 We've spent all day at the beach yesterday and I believe today is going to be the same. I got tanned and even swam in the sea twice! Oh and believe me, this is a big thing. It's our 3d summer in Brighton and it was the first time for both, me and the boy, when we actually were brave enough to enjoy that freezin sea and surprisingly it wasn't bad at all! I even consider making this a daily habit. We'll see how long my excitement will last then, haha.

Anyways, so the boy was kind enough to take some pictures for the blog and this is what we came up with. The sun was way too bright to see the result properly through the camera's screen, but I pretty much like the way they turned out, have a look:

 Top: ASOS // Skirt: H&M
I hope you guys had a great weekend! Mine is not even over yet, some of the peeps from Amsterdam are coming to Brighton today and I'm so excited to see them in my city!

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