Life Lately According to Instagrams

Life been pretty good lately and I believe that instagram is the best  way to show these little bits&pieces that make me happy, so have a look at what I've been upto lately:

 I hit BOOTS the other day and was pretty surprised by their deals, so I got all of these on offer. Toni&Guy is now 3 for 12£, so you basically get stuff for free. I always wanted to try Toni&Guy hair products and well, my hair just look like a complete mess lately and I really needed something to save them. Hope this helps! I also got Neutrogena moisturizer and cream wash, I already had these before and wanted to try them again and especially at the price of 2 for £5 I just couldn't resist!. I mean it's insane, cause the moisturizer on its own is already 5 quid. Oh and these smells like heaven! For real!

We have new hobbie(if you can call it like that) in the house. We've been filling up this little corner in our kitchen with drinks lately. The boy wanted to have a little bar at home for quite a while and with his b-day coming up it was just about the time to start making this happen. So lately we started getting a bottle of spirit and some wine with our weekly shopping. Wine, of course, is all gone in the next couple of days, while we still figuring out what we should make with other drinks. Any suggestions what we could use black rum for? Some fancy-shamncy cocktails? Share some recipes, pretty please!

So I believe you got the idea of how HOT it is in England these days and I couldn't be happier about it! However, I got into some trouble this morning while trying to decide what to wear for the job interview and I just couldn't imagine myself wearing trousers and blazer in this heat, so I just wore my PERSUN shorts and mint H&M top (left picture). Interview went great, but that job would suck a big time, so I don't think I'm going to take it even if I'm accepted. Anyways, I'm not too sad about it! I have some great opportunities coming up and for now- my ETSY shop is more than enough to keep me busy :)

This might be it for now, I'm running off to jump into that cold sea and swim for a little bit! Hope everything is fine with you all! If you wanna see more of my instagrams, make sure to follow me >>>HERE<<<

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