Life Lately and some pics from our barbecue

oh my it's Friday already, huh?
I had a brilliant week and I hope to have even better weekend. my ETSY shop reached 60 sales yesterday and I got a few great e-mails from the companies that would like to co-operate with me, so expect some great changes on my blog! and on top of this there is a rumor that we're having +25 degrees here tomorrow and I keep my fingers crossed for it to be true.
I'm still a girl from nordic countries, so cold whether is not something that I just can't handle, but I just love all these summer activities like tanning, having walks by the seaside, wearing dresses and BBQ's. oh my god, it's not even possible to describe how much I love barbecues. I mean, literally, if it would be up to me, we would have them everyday in our house! I'm getting hungry just looking at these pictures we took a couple of days ago:

jees, seriously, the only thing I can think about is a burger right now, so it's probably time for me to stop typing.

 anyways, I just really wanted to wish you a great weekend and I'm off to look for some bbq ideas then!
 or maybe you've got something great in mind what we could try? leave a comment with your idea and I'll make it happen!

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