My Instant Amsterdam through Fujifilm Instax 210

I finally got the chance to scan all of my instant pictures I took during my stay in Amsterdam. Believe me, my heart is broken to pieces and I want to be back so badly!
I missed every single person I've met, my bike, pancakes, eating chips after the night out, my amazing flatmates, even my room outside the city center. I didn't know I would feel this way, but, Amsterdam, you're stuck in my heart forever.

...and for those who are thinking about going abroad for a semester or two: don't think, just go! it's amazing experience and everyone should try it once in a lifetime. 6 months I have spend in Amsterdam probably were the best ones in my life and I do not regret my move even for a single second. I know I sound a bit desperate, but it's just impossible to explain this in any other way :)

actually, it's impossible to describe it in any way, so I hope some of these pictures will be able to show those good vibes I'm feeling right now:

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