New Rainy Summer Outfit Post: Balcony photo-shoots

 Oh my dears, I seriously am in a tiny agony. English summer is killing me, I haven't seen any sun in a week or so and the only thing I can think about is having naps like aaall the time. Anyway, I'm trying to keep myself busy, have some job interviews coming up and some great project ideas in my head. I get quite a lot of work from my ETSY shop and I couldn't be happier about that. Weirdly, July definitely feels like autumn to me, except that I don't have to study these days. Don't get me wrong, these are not complaints at all, I'm having very productive time, finally!
k, let's get back to the pictures. so while my summer dresses are still resting deep in the closet, I present you with my 'rainy summer look' and my 'I stay home most of the time' haircut.
Sweater: New Look // Skirt: Miss Selfridge // Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

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