Newest Premade Blogger Templates

hey there, lovelies!
I've been quite busy lately with a lot of plans in my head for my ETSY shop and I just really wanted to share some of my newest premade blogger templates with you all.
alrighty then, have a look:
"Chalkboard stories"
 This premade blogger template would be perfect for all of you pretty fashionistas or talented photographers. It allows you to feature pictures at the largest size and makes them show up straight away without scrolling all the way down.

"Daily Treasures"
I came up with the idea of this premade blogger template while working closely with one of my customers. She wanted to feature her cute baby boys' pictures as part of the header and I decided to incorporate this pictures in the menu bar. It's playful and fun- once you hover on the pictures, he description as well as the topic bar appears and your readers can be taken to the specific category of your posts. 

Please let me know what you think about these two, that would really help me to improve my shop and make all of these lovely bloggers satisfied!
If at anytime you fancy to purchase one of these, head over to my shop: KOTRYNA BASS DESIGN. Also if you have any questions about how this all work or if you want any changes to be made just for you, please e-mail me with any of your requests to kotrynabass(at) and I will be more than happy to help you out!

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