Vintage Shopping in Brighton, UK

hi everyone! how are you doing? excited about the weekend? it's my boy's b-day today and I am up since early morning making him breakfast, cleaning around the house and planning bbq for our friends! we are a little bit afraid about whether forecast, but other than that it's all fine!

he's getting 26 this year, so we got  him a new watch to make him feel like a big boy!

yesterday we popped in to Snoopers Paradise in Brighton lanes to look around. it's almost impossible to describe how much I love this place. so if you're ever in the town- make sure to check it out. you can find all the things vintage from amazing jewelry to old vogues in here. Have a look:

Skirt: Miss Selfridge// Bag: Jasper

we also sat down at Brighton Pavilion park for some lunch and I had the best chicken teriyaki ever. those familiar with pompoko take-away know what I'm talking about :)

also, back in Lithuania we are having Baltic Pride today and I'm in front of my computer watching live broadcasting since the early beginning. I'm so happy and proud of all of these wonderful people participating and I hope that this event will really make a change. I believe that we all should be allowed to love whoever we want and my heart is being broken to pieces when I know that some of my friends can't hold each others hands in public because of some stupid politicians trying to provoke our society. but I strongly believe that this all is going to change and at least next generation is going to be completely free to love. 

alrighty then, this is it for now, I'm gonna share some pictures from tonight with you all, but now I'm off to get ready! :)

have a great weekend, my lovelies!

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