Weekend attractions: Living in Brighton

So it's Monday again, huh..? How was your weekend, lovelies? Have you been one lazy person the last couple of days? Don't be ashamed, cause I definitely was! We didn't do anything apart from eating, tanning, having cocktails, swimming in the sea and tanning again. and believe me, it was the best! 

remember my last post about this new amazing place in Brighton called ''The New Club''? so we finally got the chance to try their burger and they were soooo good! we will definitely be getting back there anytime soon.

we also had some great time with our friends drinking beer and bbqing on the beach, so life is pretty good lately, peeps. actually, really good!

have a look at some of our weekend moments: 
have you done anything exciting at all? don't forget to share it with all of us! :)

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