Boy's b-day party, Sale on ETSY & Plans For The Weekend

hey there y'all! happy August! I can't believe it's already last month of summer! time flies just incredibly fast! I only have less than 2 months to go till uni starts and it's driving me nuts. it's my last year being a student. last year! crazy... anyways, let's not talk about serious stuff today, alright? this blog is my little place to runaway from my everyday madness and share happy moments with you. so if at anytime I start complaining about something too much- you have to let me know!

so as promised, I'm sharing some pictures from the boy's b-day with you all. whether was shit, so we had to gather in our tiny flat for some food and drinks before heading to the city. it all turned up just fine and I hope that everyone had a great time! have a look at some of my pretty pretty friends and all the fun we had:

that would probably be it for now, some pictures are just not appropriate to be shown. is it just me or we always think we look pretty cool when we're drunk, right? so guess, we don't! there should be a rule to hide all the cameras after 12am or so!

also, my ETSY shop reached 100 sales yesterday and I'm happy to the moon and back and glad to have all of these amazing customers! I would love to officially thank you all for your support and patience through all these months, you guys are the best! and to celebrate this I'm currently offering 10% discount to all of my products including Custom Blogger Templates . This will only last for another week, so make sure not to miss a chance to give your blog a new look for a decent price!

I'll be back during the weekend with new outfit post. MINA UK were kind enough to send me a new dress & I hope to wear it during Brighton Pride if it's not raining! also, some peeps that I've met in Amsterdam are coming to Brighton tomorrow as well! so exciting!

and happy Friday y'all!!! talk to you soon!

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