Life lately & Autumn Wishlist

hey there, y'all. long time no speak, huh? well it's August, so I'm guessing you all are enjoying these last summer weeks in the best possible way! I've been quite busy these days, but still managed to get out of the house quite a few times and the boy even dragged me from my computer and we went to our favorite Japaneese plays here in Brighton called "Sushi Gardens". If you guys are ever in town make sure to stop by. Their avocado salads are to die for! and the rest of the stuff is pretty good as well. we always order way too much, haha!

 I'm also back to my green smoothies routine! some spinach, maca powder, bananas and orange juice make my mornings very tasty and my days really productive. if only I could find a free minute to start exercising again... seriously, it's so hard to get back on track! I was pretty into staying fit during the spring time, but somehow summer is all about junk food and lying around, so I guess I will get back to all of this healthy stuff in September then.. am I the only one postponing things for the autumn?

It's still pretty warm over here in Brighton, but the feeling that autumn is coming is all over the place. Mornings are already pretty chilly and there is no hanging out on the beach in our short sleeves anymore. But don't get me wrong- I'm pretty excited about the coming months. I have quite a few major plans in my head and I start my last year at uni at the end of September. also, I'm going back home in 3 weeks! so excited to see everyone down there! 
and probably one of the bests reasons to wait for the autumn term is that we all get to do some cheeky shopping, right? so, I know it's pretty early, but I just wanted to share my little wishlist for autumn with you all, have a look:

Alrighty then, I'm getting back to finish all my work, so I could have some proper fun time during the weekend. have a good one, y'all! talk to you soon! x

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