New Flat Inspirations: Small Bedroom Ideas

So the Boy and I are looking for a new place lately and it's been one big pain in my ass. I'm pretty excited about it, but I just hate moving! and those that live in Brighton should know how difficult is to find a decent place by the seaside. But we have a big hopes and I believe we gonna find our dream place sooner or later!

and for this reason I decided to try collecting ideas for my future home and make some fun blog series with the inspirations I find all over Pinterest. You can also follow my boards >>>HERE<<< to see more.

so for today I collected some pictures of the small bedrooms that I love. these english flats can sometimes be pretty tiny, so I have to be clever in advance and stop dreaming about those massive bedrooms filled up with huge vintage furniture. These are some more realistic ideas that I hope to use in our new flat, have a look:

Source: Pinterest

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