moments from my holidays in LIthuania

hey there, y'all! hope everything is fine in your lovely homes and there are no signs of autumn depression there. I just got back to UK from Lithuania and I'm completely exhausted from what happened in the last few days! oh don't worry, nothing too tragic. we just decided to stay in our old flat and renovate it a bit, so for the past few days we've been visiting all those little antiques in Brighton looking for some goodies, repainting all the rooms and cleaning. cleaning a lot. and I absolutely love how our new(old) home is coming all together. I will be posting some pics pretty soon!

for now, have a look at some of the moments from my hometown:
my little sis is turning into a pretty little lady and I couldn't be prouder! isn't she pretty?

I managed to get some time off and visit a couple of great exhibitions and I've been inspired so much. it's amazing how many great contemporary artists are still trying to surprise the whole world with their beautiful pieces and even better to see them in my local museums!
Patricia Piccinini

as you probably have already noticed- autumn is here finally and I couldn't be happier about it. drinking chai latte and hiding under the umbrella is what makes it really special and definitely my kind of a season...

oh and these guys!

and some mushroom picking in the forests of my beautiful country!

it's been an amazing week and I just can't wait to be back for good. my heart still beats faster everytime my plane lands and I know that I'm home. I love living in Brighton, but I believe I'm like that bird that just has to be going back at the end of the day in order to feel completely happy. 

oh and I know I've been a terrible blogger, but with so many changes in my life is pretty hard to keep track of all the little responsibilities I have. anyways, make sure to follow me on twitter and instagram for some recent news!

have an amazing Sunday, y'all! we are off to watch EuroBasket 2013!

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